19" technology


Automation Controller

The Automation Controller „AuCo“ is a central control unit with several pre-installed digital interfaces and communication devices for minor automation applications.

The interfaces are:

  • Digital interface for safety control
  • RWM driver for DC motors
  • Digital and analog interfaces to multiple devices
  • Digital inputs and outputs for automation devices
  • Ethernet interface for connecting a computer via REST-API
  • CAN interface for basic CAN communications
  • Serial interface for diagnostic purposes

A typical application can be the control of a marking laser with parts’ handling.


The compact design offers connecting with the individual actors via direct cable connections so that constructing an electrical cabinet is not necessary. Being individually programmable, the AuCo provides multiple and fast control and communication functions.
The efficient interface to our software LisRT V3 makes the combination of these two products a flexible automation tool.

Software interfaces

The AuCo is programmed in C as embedded system. The basic functions of all interfaces and automation functions as well as communication functions are pre-installed. Therefore the software design must only be realized in a periodic form, similar to PLC programming.
However, the AuCo can also be used in combination with a PC application like LisRT V3 where the requested functions are programmed in Python. Then the Automation-Controller serves as peripheral component for inputs and outputs. For more information please visit www.LisRT.de

Item number: L2102012

Price on request

Switch-off and discharge unit

When testing power electronics with high DC values it is necessary to make sure that the test circuit and the DUT are de-energized at the end of the test. For this purpose, Löhnert Elektronik developed a switch-off and discharge unit which ensures the safe  switching off and monitoring of DC circuits with 15 V DC up to max. 750 V DC and max. 60 A DC.

  • Safe switch-off and discharge of DC circuits
  • Voltage range from 15 V DC up to max. 750 V DC
  • Current range from 1 A to 60 A
  • Application: Switch-off and short-circuiting unit for DC link test

Item number: L2004004

Price on request


Automotive Run-In Controller

The Run-In controller from Löhnert Elektronik is designed to test electronic control units (ECUs) under simulated environmental conditions and has been developed specifically for the automotive sector. The Run-In test identifies ECUs that are faulty due to being subject to high temperatures and load fluctuations over a prolonged period of time.

  • Interface connection and monitoring of electronic modules
  • UUT (unit under test) communication via CAN
  • up to 3 UUT's simultaneously
  • Main application: Stress endurance run of automotive control units (ECUs)

Item number: L19708

Price on request


Mechanical 10x multiplexer - Mechmux

With a compact structure and in the familiar 19 inch format, our 10x multiplexer enables the operation of up to 10 contacts. The standard contact design provides 90 contacts per slot with 3 different current ratings (max. 50A/max. 30A/max. 8A). The multiplexer is fully automatic and can be operated via an external interface (TCP/IP) or via web visualisation.

  • Space-saving 19 inch format, 6 u, approx. 600mm deep
  • Operated via web visualisation or TCP/IP commands
  • Slot to slot speed = 4s
  • 90 contacts with up to 50A (standard version)

Item number: L19619.53.01

Price on request

Power supply unit

The central supply unit from Löhnert Elektronik is used for component power supply in the tightest of spaces. The 19 inch format and ESD coating makes the central supply unit suitable for use as a power supply in many fields. 3 selectable power meters are provided for energy monitoring that can fulfil all today's requirements from a mere display to the connection to a computer.  

  • space-saving 19 inch format, 3 u, 530mm deep
  • ESD coating
  • Supply optionally 230V or 400V
  • 8x outputs as power socket, 1x time-delayed
  • Power supply units: 5V (5A), 12V (4,5A), 24V (20A)
  • with Janitza power measuring instruments UMG96RM-E as an option 

Item number: L14125.53.03.40.xx.
(See data sheet for order number code)

Price on request

Pneumatic unit

The pneumatic unit from Löhnert Elektronik enables the pneumatic supply to be integrated into a 19 inch cabinet. The ESD coating also means that the pneumatic unit can be used in areas sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

  • Space-saving 19 inch format, 2 u, 271mm deep
  • ESD coating
  • Supply 1x NW 7.2
  • Manual on/off valve (lockable)
  • Pressure display
  • Outputs 1x 6mm, 2x 8mm (reduced), 1x 8mm (non-reduced)
  • Optionally with or without electrical on/off valve

Item number:
(without electrical on/off valve)
L14126.58.01.01 (with electrical on/off valve)      

Price on request

sample configuration

Universal 4U module rack

The Löhnert Elektronik 4U module rack allows unrestricted configuration of the front and back panels enabling universal use in 19 inch cabinets.

  • Space-saving 19 inch format, 4 u, 600mm deep
  • Front and rear with ESD coating
  • Front with 3x 22.5mm holes (optionally expandable)
  • Rear provided with cut-outs for 3x HAN 16B, 1x HAN 6B, 1x HAN 3A, 2x RJ45 as standard (or optional according to customer's request)

Item number:

(See data sheet for order number code)

Price on request


Safety subrack

The Löhnert Elektronik safety subrack has been designed for the control, monitoring and evaluation of safety-relevant components (without software and licences).

  • Space-saving 19 inch format, 3 u, 530mm deep
  • ESD coating
  • Embedded-PC CX8090 (without software)
  • 16x digital Input, 16x digital Output, 40x TwinSAFE Input, 20x TwinSAFE Output
  • 4.3 inch touch panel, 64K, Ethernet (without software)
  • 2x RJ45, 1x M16 round plug, 1x HAN 15D, 3x HAN 8D socket, 1x HAN 8D plug 1x HAN 72DD
  • Pre-wired

Item number: L15138.53.01

Price on request

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