Testing of power electronics


HVPC test station

The Löhnert Elektronik HVPC test stand (high voltage power cycling) is used for load measurement of power semiconductors. The tests can be done using high currents or high voltages. Thyristors, IGBTs and FETs as well as diodes can be tested.

  • ated voltage 3x 400V / 50Hz
  • Rated current min. 40A / max. 63A
  • Power approx. 24kVA
  • High voltage 2500V / 400mA
  • High current 15V / 1200A
  • Löhnert measuring software LisRT

Item number: L11607.57.01

Price on request


Zth test station

The Löhnert Elektronik Zth test station is used to measure temporary thermal resistances on power modules via an adapter system, which is docked by means of a VPC interface. 

  • 19 inch format
  • Rated voltage 3x 400V / 50Hz
  • Rated current approx. 32A
  • Power approx. 22kVA
  • VPC G10 interface
  • Complete self-test with LoadBoard
  • DMM Keysight measuring system
  • Schuster Elektronik HPZ / LPZ 773 Zth measuring instruments 

Item number: L15904.55.01

Price on request

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