radome test stands

QAR radome test station

The QAR End of line radome test equipment integrates the 2D-measuring system into a automatic turn table system. This way the radomes can be measured in full area reflexion and spot area transmission. The cycle time can be less than 10s.

Item number: L19345

price on request

Test station on the website of Rohde und Schwarz


Transducer radome test station

The new Transducer Radome Test Equipment works with a spot area 1-way transmission measurement and optional with a spot area reflexion measurement at frequencies from 76 to 81 GHz. The equipment can be delivered with a manual handling system or an enhanced turn table system for faster cycle times.

Item number: L18C05

price on request


Radome test station

The radome test station is used for the measurement of radar-transparent covers, which operate with a radar sensor in a range of 76-77 GHz. For this purpose, the radar permeability of the individual radomes is tested using targets located above the radome test station.

Item number: L14B07

Price on request

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